Ends on July 31, 2019

Project Description

The City of Moscow invites artists to submit qualifications for a public art project to be installed in the couplet at C and Main streets. This location is at the northern edge of Moscow’s downtown core, and is an important landmark for locals and visitors alike. The couplet marks the place where Highway 95 turns into Main Street, where the pace slows upon entering a hometown. Appropriately, this part of the road is where parade participants assemble before they proceed through the city. Whether gathering for a Homecoming parade or simply arriving in the city from the north, this unique intersection evokes the sensation of coming home.  

Artists from Idaho, Washington, Oregon, Montana, Wyoming, and Utah are eligible to apply for this project. Artists are eligible regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, gender, age, marital or familial status, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation, and gender expression or identity. Artist teams are eligible to apply, including teams of artists from multiple disciplines. Selection panelists and their immediate family members are not eligible for participation. No artist sitting on a Selection Panel may submit a proposal for the project for which the Selection Panel was formed.


The total amount of funding available for the piece is not to exceed $40,000. Included in this budget are the artist’s fee, travel, fabrication, engineering, materials, installation, documentation, and all other costs accrued by the artist specific to this project.

Project Timeline

May 10 – July 31, 2019    Application Period 

August 2019                    Selection Panel will choose 3 artists to create finalized designs

September 2019             3 Artists will create finalized designs

                                         (Each finalist will be paid $1000 for design time and travel expenses.)

October 2019                  Selection Panel and Arts Commission recommend one design to City Council

Site Details

View of the couplet at C & Main, looking north 

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Site Details

Artwork Design Parameters

While designs specific to this art project are not requested at this time, please keep in mind that the location of this project does not allow for kinetic art, water features, or anything requiring electricity. This location is at the center of a busy intersection, so no shiny or reflective surfaces will be chosen. Additionally, the artwork may not contain advertising, religious references, sexual content, negative imagery, or convey political partisanship.

Specific design requirements will be communicated to the three finalists before they create designs for the Selection Panel’s consideration.

The City of Moscow reserves the right to change the dates of the project timeline, to modify this solicitation to request additional information or proposals from any or all participating artists, to reopen the competition and/or to accept or reject, at any time prior to the commissioning of a work, any or all design proposals.