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Moscow Artwalk is one of many events that foster the region's cultural ecosystem. Since its beginning in 2004, the event has become a highlight of the Palouse by celebrating the wealth of artistic practice in the region. The 2022-2023 Moscow Artwalk season includes visual, literary, performance, and culinary arts offerings at business and non-profit locations throughout the community on the 3rd Thursday of each month from October - May. The season finale on June 15, 2023 features artist and host location offerings along with music, food, and performance art on Main Street.
Monthly Host
Monthly host registration is available to all businesses and non-profits each month throughout the season. Hosts are invited to feature up to 5 visual, performing, culinary, or literary listings by selecting the Monthly Host registration type.
Season Host
New this year, businesses and non-profits were invited to sign up prior to September 16, 2022 for the entire 2022-2023 Artwalk Season. Pre-registered Season Hosts may enter Arts listings on a monthly basis by selecting the Season Host registration type.
Registration is open through December 6 at 5 p.m.
Arts Staff will deliver event posters, artwork title cards, and flyers to each host location prior to the event. Registration includes social media posts promoting 3rd Thursday Artwalk, so keep an eye out for these posts in the week leading up to the event. Share these social media posts to connect with an even broader audience!
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This online resource connects the public with visual, literary, and performing artists and is a valuable resource for the community. Sharing your contact information is not required to be included in this Directory, though providing some details will help the public connect with you. 

Sum of Our Parts

EXHIBITION: January 19 – April 7
RECEPTION:  January 19 from 4 – 6 p.m.
One of these things is NOT like the other! But can things that don’t quite match inhabit the same space? In Sum of Our Parts at the Third Street Gallery, visual and literary artists of the Palouse region exhibit artworks that illustrate unity of disparate parts by creating unexpected combinations of imagery, objects, or text.

Artists are invited to create artworks with parts that exist together harmoniously, jarringly, humorously, or with the sweet surprise of fresh connections.

Important Dates
December 30 Submission Deadline
January 10-11  Artwork Drop-off
January 19 Artwalk Opening Reception 4-6 p.m.
April 7  Exhibition Closes
April 10  Artwork Pick Up

This exhibition is inclusive of 2D collage, 3D assemblage, or literary artworks that employ erasure, found text, or collaborative approaches. The gallery can accommodate most media with the exception of video and sound-based works.

Submission Requirements
ALL: Contact information, biography and/or artist statement, website/social links

POETRY: Up to 3 poems (including previously-published works with attribution), title, date, and presentation preference. Poets will indicate whether their work is a physical object or whether they would like the gallery to format and print from the file provided. In that latter instance, gallery staff will print each of the poems exactly as presented using standardized typography and a simple page design that focuses attention on the poem.

VISUAL ART: Up to 3 artworks, each with title, medium, dimensions, date, price or NFS, insurance value. There are no size or length restrictions for visual or literary submissions, and gallery staff will include as many poems and visual artworks as will reasonably fit in the exhibition space. If submissions for the exhibition exceed the limitations of space, gallery staff will ensure that at least one piece from each artist is displayed.

Presentation Requirements for Visual Art
The Third Street Gallery is located in an historic building, and as such the gallery hanging system is designed to preserve the integrity of the architecture. Generally speaking, the best presentation method is a sturdy hanging wire securely attached to the back of the piece. Third Street Gallery curators cannot make holes in the gallery’s historic plaster walls, so no sawtooth hangers or French cleats are accepted. Pieces that are large or excessively heavy may be shown in this space, but require special accommodations. Gallery staff will make every effort to include work with unusual presentation needs, so please contact us with any questions about special hanging requirements.

There is a variety of options for displaying three-dimensional artworks, including secure, locking cabinets with glass panels. There are also pedestals that can be used either as a flat top for digital displays or with secure Plexiglas vitrines. Larger sculptural works are welcome depending on the parameters of each exhibition, so the inclusion of these works will be considered by gallery staff on a case-by-case basis.

Please bring artwork to the gallery with a label firmly affixed to the back or bottom of each piece. The label should correspond with the information on the loan agreement and contain the following:
Artist Name   Artwork Title    Medium    Date

(This text is a sample for reference - a loan agreement specific to the exhibition will be provided to artists)
The Lender must provide an exhibition list declaring the content and value of each object loaned. A distinction will be made, prior to exhibition installation, between the declared value and sales price on all artwork to be offered for sale.
During the exhibition period, the City will take reasonable precautions to avoid damage or theft to the objects loaned. In the event of loss or damage, the City will be responsible to the Lender for the loss based upon the declared value of the objects on the exhibition list. The Lender may be required to provide substantiation of the value of the loaned object(s).
Unless the City is notified in writing to the contrary, it is understood that objects on loan may be photographed and reproduced in publications, for publicity purposes connected with the exhibition, and/or for educational purposes.
Artists may offer objects for sale or list them as NFS (not for sale), but the City cannot accommodate POR (price on request) listings. All sales will be handled through the Moscow Arts Department office. The Gallery receives a twenty percent (20%) commission on all artwork sold and Idaho sales tax of six percent (6%) shall be required on all artwork sold, so objects for sale should be priced accordingly.
The Third Street gallery is in a public, family-oriented space, so the Moscow Arts Commission and Arts Department staff reserve the right to review all submissions to determine the suitability of the artwork shown.

About the Third Street Gallery
The Third Street Gallery is a space for art in the heart of downtown Moscow. City of Moscow Arts Staff and members of the Moscow Arts Commission have worked together to create artistic direction for the Third Street Gallery since the gallery’s opening in September 1997. The gallery features artworks in a wide range of media, subject matter, and content while presenting a curatorial vision open to all cultures and art forms. The Third Street Gallery exhibits the work of established and emerging makers from the Palouse and the broader Inland Northwest, celebrating the creative excellence of the region in a well-loved public space.
The Third Street Gallery features artwork on the second and third floors inside Moscow City Hall. The building was designed by architect James Knox Taylor in 1911, and was formerly the Moscow Federal Building. Entered in the National Register of Historic Places in 1973 as a Second Renaissance Revival brick building, the structure now houses City offices and meeting spaces such as the City Council Chambers. The Third Street Gallery is an essential part of this building, as it brings art into the center of civic life in the City of Moscow.
Third Street Gallery hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding federal holidays.
The Gallery is ADA accessible on the East entrance of Moscow City Hall, and the elevator on the North side of the building provides access to the second and third floors.

Contact Information for Third Street Gallery Staff
Megan Cherry
Arts Manager

City of Moscow Arts & Culture